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Robot Controller

Robot Handheld controller

  • All-in-one handheld controller that integrates operation and control

  • 7" touch screen unrestricted to the distance between the controller and the machinery

  • Euipped with the Syntec SRI communication port, allows free IO, AD/DA, and PWM module extension

  • Function customizable industry specific membrane button

  • Optional hand wheel provides operation with higher precision

  • Works seamlessly with Syntec's all-in-one drivers that make parameter adjustments fast and easy

Highly Integrated Control System

  • Integrate I/O and driver, setting all-in-one

  • Fitted size reduces the volume of electrical cabinet

  • Matching with high-speed M3 serial communication less distribution and easier for maintain

  • Absolute motor solutions under 1kW need not deal with motor problems


Joint robot specific HCI

  • Supports syntax input, movement process programed for robotics

  • Supports icon instruction for the movement procedure in a dialogue form. Follow the controller's instructions for parameter input

  • Shortens engineer learning curve, without the need to memorize controller process command


Suports multi-axis insertion

  • Follows CNC system's high-speed, high precision quality, supports path insertion and smooth speed programming

  • Supports smooth corners to enhance pick-and-place productivity

  • Provide multi-axis straight line order and can run with insertion


  • Followed CNC system with high-speed, high-precision functions, it supports path interpolation and speed smoothing feature

  • Support corners smoothing to increase the efficiency of pick and place

  • Built algorithm providing the function of avoiding singularity

  • Support SCARA type need not develop the algorithm

Secondary Development

  • Provide secondary developing applicant that can customize PLC, HMI, and MACRO

  • Design your own buttons of handheld terminal

  • Provide modular developing process to match PLC and HMI for manufacturing process

Handheld Terminal Makes Teaching Easier

  • Names for special purpose lathe pick-and-place buttons

  • Brake and safety switch buttons

  • MPG is loaded to meet the needs

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