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DY series
MY-TURN DY42 / DY52 / DY60

CNC Gang Tools Turning Center

  • Front Machining: BMT45 12-Stations, Up to 24 tools, 7.5/11 kW Spindle Power, 55 mm Through Hole.

  • Back Machining: Gang Tools Slide: 14 Tools, 3 Cross Live Tools, 3 Face Live Tools, 3 OD & 5 ID Tools.


Y-Axis Enhanced Machining Capability in One Setup Speed, Precision & Complex Parts

Performance Spindle
  • Extremely rigid main and sub-spindles with purpose built roller bearings on the front and rear to concentrate power directly to the cutting surface and resist axial and radial forces.

Simultaneous Machining
  • Simultaneous independent machining of the front and back of the workpiece and C-axis with resolution of 0.001 degrees allows for complex contouring of parts.

Back Machining Gang Tool Slide (Y2-Axis)
  • 14 tools-For back machining or complex workieces, the added capability will shorten cycle time significantly.

  • 6 Live Tools-Live tools for Cross and Face milling

Twin Spindle & 2 Y-Axes-Gang Tools/ Turrets

It has Double Spindles, a VDI/BMT 12 station Turret and a 2nd Y-Axis for back machining with 14 tools for a total capacity of up to 38 tools. This solution with superimposed cutting is a powerful combination of precision and two Y-axes for machining of complex workpieces with extremely fast cycle times.

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