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Touch screen

Touch screen Pulse controller with servo driver integration


  • Multiple-axis pulse controller of servo and stepper controlling (improves the problems of interpolation and not efficient enough of simultaneously controlling)

  • Variety of flat edged touchscreen options

Full-Fledged Touched Screen Serial Controller

  • There are 8, 10, 12, and 15 inches of controller to meet every occasion needs.

  • Support 4 servo control for positioning

  • Equip RS485, VGA, USB, 10/100M net gape, and D/A(5V) supporting external facilities to in/output.

  • Equip MPG interface to external expansion.


Highly Integrated and Friendly Customized Development Tool

  • Use computer to operate and customize functions easily.

  • According to every industry property to develop suitable systems.

  • Automation industries are available. Labeling, polishing, bending, mold releasing, and warehouse picking-and-placing are automation types with concrete instance.

  • Software and hardware are highly integrated, for example macro program and PLC secondary development.


  • -Followed CNC system with high-speed, high-precision functions, it supports path interpolation and speed smoothing feature.

  • Support corners smoothing to increase the efficiency of pick and place.

  • Provide not only straight line direction but also circular arc direction.

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