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Double Spindle Gang Tool High Speed Automation Lathe

  • Automated High Speed Production: Front and back machining can be completed in one setup. Max. 5 tools for each side.

  • Capabilities: This machine is for mass production of components and is integrated with gantry robots to reduce operator inputs. Custom automation configurations can be made for specific workpieces and output requirements.


Parallel Dual Spindles & Automation


Mylas can design different loading and unloading systems. Depending on your workpiece design and the output required we can help you to increase your efficiency and save on manpower input.

  • Maximum Spindle Speed 8000 rpm

  • Spindle Drive Motor Torque 24 NM/30 min

  • Gantry Handling Capacity Ø42 mm x 50 mm

Productivity & Complex Machining

Finished Parts Conveyor System
  • Machine can be equipped with a conveyor

Parts Tray and Storage System
  • Raw materials or finished products are placed on the tray by robots. Custom trays and stacking requirements can be made for space saving and max storage of up to 12 trays.

Robot Load/Unload
  • The robot can perform automatic loading and unloading reducing operator input.

Thermally Stable Spindles

The TT42 has built-in spindles for reliability, speed and precision. The main spindle is using wing system to prevent thermal growth, and heat can not be transfer to headstock. Superb design to reduce thermal issues and chip and coolant intrusion. This configuration is suitable for lights out non-stop mass-production. The max RPM’s is 8000. Specially designed headstock to prevent overheating and maintain precision cutting.

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