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6 Series

22 Series


  • Equipped with Yaskawa serial bus communication Simpler System More expandable

  • Easier to install

  • Provide good Synchronous Control.

New design of new generation

New design of physical appearanceOpen bus servo communication, support Mechatrolink 3 and EtherCAT Focus on the pursuit of higher confidence level


Beyond their own, upgrade their controller performance

CPU performance, BPT performance increased by 20%, significantly enhanced short single-section mold and machining capacity of products

High speed spindle orientation function (HPCC)

HPCC function fits the discontinuous blocks into a smooth-curve path, and this will enhance the machining precision and reduce the mechanical shock.


SPA2.0(ZPEC) Servo Delay Compensation Level Up

  • Enhance the precision of arc and corner

  • Improve the path symmetry

  • Advance the ability to resist the resonance of machines

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