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22 Series

22 Series

22TA , 22TB

  • Equipped with Yaskawa serial bus communicationSimpler SystemMore expandable-Easier to install-Provide good Synchronous Control.

New design of new generation controller

The bandwidth of Mechatrolink-IIII serial bus communication rises up to 100 Mbps and the resolution is up to 24 bits, enhancing the smoothing during processing.
The distribution of serial bus communication is simple expandable, and anti-jamming, which makes the system more reliable and have better flexibility.


Provide various products for machine tools

Able to be used with servos applications
Satisfy all of machining needs


High speed spindle orientation function

the spindle can rotate at a high speed at any angle

*Software version: 10.116.36


Rapid tool retraction and cutting

Set the overlapping distance,shortening the G00 run time, to achieve optimal machining efficiency

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