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210-5 Series

210-5 Series


  • Support Mechatrolink III/ EtherCAt/ RTEX serial bus communication

  • Support up to 4 axis group and 5-axis simultaneous machining

  • Equipped with milti-program aplication

  • Brand-new multi-program HMI

  • Meet the demands for application of mill-turn machine

  • RTCP for high precision processing on surface

Provide various products for machine tools

Able to be used with servos applications
Satisfy all of machining needs


Multi-program application, Satisfy combined machining need

Support for two-way, three-way and four-way applications.


Rotation Tool Center Point Feature(RTCP)

Support 3D tool length compensation feature,user only needs to program product in CAM program,controller will automatically implement tool length and wear,and the tool tip will always on the perpendicular against product contour.Milling, drilling, and tapping on inclined plane can be implemented with NCprogram input manually, without complex CAD/CAM processing.

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