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21 Series

21 Series

21TA-E , 21TB-E

  • Equipped with Yaskawa serial bus communication

  • Simpler System
    More expandable

  • Easier to install

Support M3 Serial Bus Communication

The bandwidth of Mechatrolink-IIII serial bus communication rises up to 100 Mbps and the resolution is up to 24 bits, enhancing the smoothing during processing.
The distribution of serial bus communication is simple expandable, and anti-jamming, which makes the system more reliable and have better flexibility.

A2_2_SF1 (1).png


It can adjust the driver directly, speed up the development of the machine.

Predict the Service Life of Yaskawa

Warning will be given in advance if there is something wrong with the driver, enhancing availability and adjust the product line in time.
*Software version: 10.116.36


Spindles Tapping

Spindle does not need to decelerate speed to zero, or eve maintains the original speed, proceed tapping via the speed difference between twin spindles, which significantly reduces the tapping time.


Extreme Speed Threading Mode

Improves threading result and efficiency by overlapping technique. Save more than 20% of the time

Axis-Exchange Feature

The turret of the first axis group can machining with the second spindle; and at the same time, the first spindle occupies the second turret to machine. Reduces the number of machine tools, improves the flexibility and efficiency of machining.

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