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21 Series

210 Series

210MA-E , 210MB-E

  • Support Mechatrolink III/ EtherCAt/ RTEX serial bus communication

  • Equipped with high-performance main board

  • Up to 4 axis group

Multi-Spindle and High Performance Product

  • Equipped with high performance main board

  • Supports Yaskawa Mechatrolink-lll serial bus communication

  • Supports Ethercat & RTEX serial bus communication


High Precision Contour Control (HPCC)

HPCC function fits the discontinuous blocks into a smooth-curve path, and this will enhance the machining precision and reduce the mechanical shock.

Simplified HSHP Parameter

User may choose [Precision Speed level]. [Original path --Smoothing path level], and SPA features to control machining result.

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